im tash i accidentally deleted my blog on july 8th

im watching:
teen wolf

let me just sort my blog out first


so my blog turns a year old tomorrow and that’s pretty great, i’ve met so many wonderful people here and i can’t thank everyone enough for welcoming me into the tumblr family. these are a list of my favorite people and i’m glad that i’ve gotten to know them bc they’re awesome tbh (also if you’re not on here it doesn’t mean i don’t love you i’m just forgetful and shit but i love u oKAY)

hover over your url for a lil message :-)

calumsexual + underashton + strictlypunk + punkatl + hemmosbutt  weedmuke + sarcalstic + mchael5sos + damnlucas + eightn + fknmichael + irweins + clinicalum
+ follow forever + [no particular order]
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+ my followers: all of you are lovely and thank you for putting up with my shit, i love love love you all guys :)


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Hello!! Sorry for the not so nice edit I didn’t have a lot of time. But I wanted to make a small follow forever just because I haven’t done one for awhile and yeah. But here’s some awesome editing blogs along with some really close friends:

5sosaffair // alshtonirwin // ashrwns // assholuke // calyhood // clemminqs // cliffmad // fallenfor5sos // goldhemmings // heartbreakgirls // hemmojaw // hemmosource // iriwins // irwashton // irwinty // itsmuke // itsthewanted // luekhemmings // lukehcmmings // lukehemings // lukeisapenquin // lukerhemming // mctomalds // michaelcliffordgifs // mukenope // onetedswift // stuhmpy // teenagedfricks // whereversyouare

I’m really sorry if I forgot anyone! But I just want to thank you all for being such wonderful lil cupcakes and just keep doing what you’re doing ily (◠‿◠✿)


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hiiiii it’s corinne so i just hit 2k and that’s kind of a big deal for me so to celebrate, here’s a follow forever to show you how thankful i am for you guys. i actually cannot believe how many friends i’ve made on here and how supportive and friendly you guys are, you guys make me happy and i love you


5sos-official // yo what’s up thank you for being the reason i look forward to waking up and smiling every single day, you mean the world to me and i love you

muketv // hey princess thank you for being such an awesome person, i haven’t met you but i really want to!! you are one of the first friends i’ve made on here and i’m happy to have met u haha stay cool luv u <333

cliffordforpresident // hey yanah u cutie thanks for being such a fun person to talk to, i haven’t met you but hope i do someday! you are also one of the first friends i’ve made here so thank u for being super nice ily stay rad <3333

clemmingssquadnetwork // hey guys thank you for being so nice and supportive of me when it comes to my problems like i know timezones suck but i still try my best to chat with you guys bc u guys make me happy ok i love you all sooooo much


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*If you expected to be here but you’re not, I’m so so sorry bc it’s either you changed your url and I couldn’t find you or I must have forgotten I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON I STILL LOVE YOU THO :-) *And to my followers, thank you for following me you are hella rad ok

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One Direction - Four // Alternative Album Cover

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"Another year over and we’re still together, it’s not always easy but I’m here forever…”

(August 5th, 2003) -
(August 5th, 2014) ~ Happy 11th birthday McFly!

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5 Seconds of Summer - Alternative Press | September 2014

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you want i’ll take you there, you tell me when and where..

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